By clicking on the About Us menu, many people are expecting an adventurous life story, an astonishing road to Damascus event that prompted a drastic 180⁰ turn – mine is not necessarily like that. Rather, it is a series of insights and emotions that allowed me to get to know myself – this made it possible to create the fragrant world of 7scents.

For many years, I worked as a marketing specialist on online campaigns for multinational fashion companies. I loved it, I was at home in my field, there was no shortage of recognition. Yet, a slow but persistent thought took hold of what it might be like not to act as a piece of a big jigsaw puzzle, but to create and manage something new of my own. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, get to know the world beyond my borders – the place where really exciting events can happen.

Instinct attracted me to the unknown, the concept of gravity took on a new meaning: it was as if an inner compass was constantly pointing towards untrodden paths, and that feeling did not subside. So I set off where my instincts pointed to find myself and discover the unknown. The obvious choice was to embark on a journey. I love to travel and try to choose spontaneously without too much overthinking. When I travel to a place I don’t know, I’m not just heading towards traditional sights, I’m focusing on what’s going on there at that very moment: what music people are listening to, what they’re eating, what scents best characterize that place. I love being present in these unique snippets of time; to feel my senses come to life as a result of new stimuli. Whenever I think back, I remember these experiences most vividly: Korean spices, the red earthy scent of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, the pungency of an Indian market, the elegantly restrained aromas of France…

Influenced by the vibrancy of these experiences, the idea of ​​7scents was also born as a celebration of openness, discovery and play. We are surrounded by stimuli every minute of the day – lights, sounds, artificially enhanced aromas. However, our smells and scents are usually pushed into the background, the complexity of the olfactory world is at best neglected and at worst consciously homogenized. The most undervalued of sensory media, scents are also the most unknown. Scents are surrounded by a kind of mystique, just think of aromatherapy. They are also highly subjective – scent “speaks” differently in each individual environment and to every person. From the sweet, sugary aroma of childhood cakes to the smoky campfires of our teenage years, or just the distinctive perfume worn by our first love — scents are integral to the construction of our sense of self. Fragrances certainly leave lasting memories which outlive those of seeing a beautiful building or even tasting a delicious meal. Scents are highly emotive – just as chefs and confectioners take us on culinary journeys, or painters reproduce far-flung landscapes with the flick of brush, perfumers conjure other worlds by playing with scents. They can evoke the scent of freshly cut grass, sea salt, exotic spices, pine wood imported from the cold, or even sand heated by glowing sunshine. If we close our eyes and take deep breaths and allow room for our sense of smell, we can discover a whole new realm full of adventures, thrills, and surprising discoveries that enrich our daily lives.

In addition to memories, scents allow you to play with mood. We can also use fragrance to instill a sense of peace, tranquility, freshness, passion, desire… The realm of scents begins at the gates of our subconscious. Scents operate on the level of instinct, showing us the way in all circumstances and revealing who we truly are as well as what we really desire. All we have to do is listen to them and let go of our fears. It’s good to try to relax, feel your own vibrations, listen to your soul and be present in the moment. Open up to the world and you will experience more of it.

I found a home in this – in the world of the senses. This is my mission, my challenge: to spread with others how enriching a life with scents is, the diverse ways a fragrance can be applied.

I would like to make fragrances available at 7scents that allow you to discover different places and different cultures – so that you can travel the world without taking a single step. You can enjoy well-known aromatic treasures or unearth oriental secrets, you can roam hot Africa or touch down in the floral landscapes of Western Europe.

It’s up to you which direction your desire takes you. I sincerely hope that you find a lot of joy in discovering these fragrances.