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Blackbird: Experimental Niche Perfumes from Seattle

Blackbird is a dimension all its own, a playfully imperfect experiment in design and scent, where all humans are invited. Established in 2004, Blackbird has since evolved into one of the niche perfume industry’s most experimental fragrance houses specializing in unique perfumes and high quality incense. The brand is known worldwide for its forward-thinking installations and products which keep things fresh, youthful and charmingly unpredictable.

Blackbird: the wild-child of the niche perfume world

Blackbird’s founder and creative director, Nicole Miller, is the guiding spirit behind the brand. Nicole approaches design from a place of boundless curiosity and fearless ingenuity, gently bending the rules to reveal what has not yet been seen.

All Blackbird products are handmade in-house in Seattle, Washington, USA. The company strives to keep all products as sustainable and natural as possible and is deeply dedicated to continual innovation in olfactory formulas and packaging. Environmental concerns are of core concern to the brand. Reused materials feature prominently and Blackbird proudly shuns the idea of the perfect unboxing experience. Instead the focus lies on honesty, integrity and quality of the product.

Niche Perfume: the beauty of challenging boundaries

Blackbird fragrances are united by their playful take on traditional perfume styles. At Blackbird synthetic banana can serve as an irreverent partner to classic jasmine sophistication; blasts of fake strawberry and cherry can be used to pop out among pretty florals; and motor oil can even infuse with the most prestigious of perfume materials, oud, to push the boundaries of olfactory experimentation.

A number of Blackbird fragrances draw from age-old perfume ingredients and several Blackbird fragrances feature prominent wood notes, grounding the house in the ancient forests of the American north west.

Blackbird niche perfumes are hard to characterize and it is perhaps in the brand’s celebration of in-between spaces where its rebellious streak shines most. Many Blackbird scents simply defy genre. Be it perfumes that smell of the sweet and briny ebb and flow of the shoreline, or those that explore the shadowy zones between the warm light of a fire and cold walls of a cave. One thing is guaranteed, Blackbird fragrances are rich and textured, complex and never easy to define.

Niche perfume to deconstruct perfume itself

Blackbird is noted in the niche perfume world for its Pipe Bomb range of fragrances, which work like an olfactive incendiary device on the skin. At first, they release a faint spark, something sharp and bright which slowly leads down the fuse to a fragrant explosion. The Pipe Bomb perfumes may start quiet, but after about twenty minutes they come alive in a celebration of zingy, metallic joy.

Blackbird: Niche quality perfume meets incense

Blackbird is the go-to brand for incense lovers who want to bring true niche perfume expertise into their home. A range of incense cones complete the brand’s olfactive offering with a clean, high quality burn – bringing a sense of avant-garde mystery to your living environment.