Imaginary Authors – Niche Perfumes with a Story

Founded by Josh Meyer in Portland Oregon, Imaginary Authors offers a range of wildly unique
fragrances inspired by fictitious works of literature. Meyer’s colourful niche perfumes are born from the concept of scent as art and art as provocation. Like a good book, Imaginary Authors scents are meant to inspire and each perfume is a layered narrative that is sure to generate stirring conversation. Connecting the olfactory world to the literary one makes Imaginary Authors the perfect brand for those of us who want extra meaning in our perfumes. In Imaginary Authors fragrances, meaning making meets sensory exploration. These fragrances not only invigorate and intoxicate, they take us on imagined journeys into the lives of others and to new and exciting places.

Olfactive Narratives

Imaginary Authors fragrances follow compelling storylines peppered with intriguing twists. These are scents to curl up with, to share with friends, to take with you wherever you go, and to return to again and again for a uniquely transcendent experience. Imaginary Authors playfully bases each of its fragrances on a fictitious work of literature. In doing so, they cleverly tap into what many of us already do: connect scents to our autobiographical stories. Sources of inspiration draw from varied literary genres, from travel writing to romance novels, fantasy to autobiography and from crime to children’s literature. In other words Imaginary Authors fragrances come with their own narrative baggage. This allows us to connect with them more deeply and to give a more rounded context to the abstract nature of scent. Within their literary contexts, the fragrances can be located in a time and a place, guide us to an atmosphere and help create an even richer olfactory experience.

Multimedia Niche Perfume

Imaginary Authors perfumes are intricately linked to books that never existed. But the plot, setting and style of a number of the stories are subtly influenced by real life works of literature, particularly the greats of American writing. In Saint Julep Eau de Parfum, a scent based on a novel from the American deep south, traces of William Faulkner and Tennesee Williams are apparent. The works of Imaginary Authors’ very own makebelieve travel writer, Philip Sava (Cape Heartache, Memoirs of a Trespasser and O, Unknown!), resemble elements from the real life travel writing of Robert Louis Stevenson and Lafcadio Hearn. On the Soft Lawn, an early 20th century novel capturing the idle lives of high class New England society, is more than a nod to the works of F Scott Fitzgerald. The Cobra and the Canary Eau de Parfum is a coming of age road novel that clearly channels the beatnik tropes of Jack Kerouac.

We bring what we know into a scent. By connecting our knowledge of real life literary works with artfully arranged perfumery, Imaginary Authors creates a rich and textured aesthetic that draws from a common cultural pool. This multimedia blend is a colourful artistic tapestry which helps make niche perfumery more accessible to a broader public.

Imaginary Authors perfume design

Imaginary Authors niche perfumes are fun. Each bottle sports a wonderfully designed label, they vary in colour and style based on the novel which inspired them. Some feature beautiful illustrations of animals in meadows, some delicate wisps of ghostly spirits, others have bold, minimal graphics and others display the vintage, clean lines of the art deco aesthetic. Whatever the inspiration, they are united in their message of playful vibrancy and just call out to be collected.

Niche Perfumes that Celebrate Creative Freedom

As you would expect from a niche perfume house based in Portland Oregon, Imaginary Authors is a progressive brand with strong core beliefs. Only the best possible ingredients are used in perfume formulas and fragrances are made using sustainable materials. Imaginary Authors believes in a creativity that connects, excites and opens doors to possibility. Most importantly the brand believes that creativity is the best tool to solve systemic problems within its industry, its community and within the world in general.

For Imaginary Authors, perfume brings joy, it radiates light and it calls us to lead with our heart. At 7scents we love the ability of Imaginary Authors’ niche perfumes to unite: they are full of creative ideas and beautiful to smell, they are intellectual and enjoyable, cerebral and sensual. Running the risk of sounding overly literary, these fragrances have the potential to change the course of your own personal story.