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Bogue Profumo Niche Perfumes

Nose and creative force behind Bogue Profumo, Antonio Gardoni draws from his architectural training to concoct avant-garde perfume recipes which excite and surprise. Bogue perfumes are challenging and often occupy in-between spaces by playing with the concepts of attraction and disturbance implicit in the world of scent. Bogue perfumes invite us to reevaluate what a fragrance is and the role of perfume in everyday life. Gardoni’s groundbreaking eau de parfums question fragrance conventions by straddling the world of reality and represented reality. His surprising juxtapositions of naturalism and abstraction in perfume reimagine how we perceive the vast landscape of scents surrounding us.

Unique fragrance extracts for groundbreaking perfumes

Gardoni uses innovative techniques in organic chemistry to capture the wider world of scents surrounding us. He infuses resins, woods, roots and metals in alcohol to create some of the solvents used in his highly idiosyncratic perfumes. Into these solvents go the rare and high quality raw ingredients found in his trips throughout the world. From steam distillation he extracts essential oils to create odours and fragrances which have set the niche perfume world alight. The result is experimental fragrances which balance ancient techniques and modern intuition.

Unique scent structures: the architecture of perfume

Like a piece of contemporary architecture or design, Bogue Profumo perfumes are built by layers and refined by subtraction creating scents like rooms in which you can discover moods, textures, lights and colours. Unsurprising given Gardoni’s architecture background, his scents have a complex framework. They are regarded as masterful balancing acts – suspended moments supported by a solid, carefully planned structure. Gardoni works at night when the light doesn’t adulterate the chemicals and when the smells of the day disappear and leave space to explore his new experiments of shadows.

Shape-shifting luxury perfumes

As well as resulting from innovative extraction methods, Bogue Profumo fragrances are composed of unique and often highly expensive ingredients. Superreal florals mix with pioneering resin extracts, intense animalics and luscious woods for challenging new olfactory arrangements. The quality and performance of Bogue perfumes are striking. The scents unfold in complex layers and are particularly noted within the niche perfume world for their shape-shifting nature. A Bogue Profumo scent is a beautifully composed juice which demands attention and never appears the same twice. A refined bottle and stripped back design, including rubber stopper, places the perfume itself in the centreground – highlighting the niche brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and originality.