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Strangelove NYC: niche perfume with passionate origins

Strangelove NYC – the brand with the curious name is in fact very aptly named. It was born of a strange love for unique, rarely used ingredients to produce striking perfumes that are wondrously challenging and deeply beautiful. Strangelove NYC is a brand that does not hold back in achieving its olfactive aims, no matter the cost.

At Strangelove NYC there is no compromise when it comes to producing the highest form of artistic accomplishment in niche perfume. Boasting fragrances made from materials that are simply not to be found in the vast majority of niche perfume houses, Strangelove NYC perfumes are daring achievements in olfactive artistry.

The creative people behind Strangelove NYC

Strangelove NYC is the lovechild of Elizabeth Gaynes. Elizabeth’s enduring interest in handcrafted, beautifully made products rather than mass production originally brought her to Italy where she explored the quality of artisanal and regional design. After moving to New York she started to work for a close friend, whose sustainable oud plantation in Borneo was gaining attention from the international fragrance industry. Elizabeth brokered a deal with Givaudan and soon oversaw the plantations extended to include high quality patchouli and vetiver. Having learned first hand the majestic beauty of raw nature in perfume she decided to make perfume her life’s mission. Her goal would be to introduce the unrivalled sophistication and depth of fragrance found in real, sustainably sourced oud to the wider niche perfume world.

Close friend, and world famous supermodel, Helena Christensen would visit Elizabeth for regular oud sniffing sessions and soon became a convert and devotee to the world of oud. With her long years of experience working in the fashion and design industry and with the UN as a Goodwill Ambassador, she ultimately came on board as Strangelove NYC’s creative director.

Both Elizabeth and Helena knew they needed to find a perfumer with the right stature to take on the majesty of the ingredients they found themselves in possession of. No one else but renowned renegade perfumer Christophe Laudamiel of ‘The Zoo’ fame. His rockstar credentials and unrestrained approach to pushing boundaries were the perfectly irreverent creativity needed when confronted with the seriousness of the natural ingredients. With this final, highly crucial piece of the puzzle in place, the trio have been making waves in the niche perfume world.

Niche perfume based on the secrets of high quality oud

Strangelove NYC proudly boasts its ‘secret’ weapon – the highest quality natural oud. Each Strangelove NYC scent contains two types of sustainably sourced oud alongside an assortment of other highly unusual and rare natural ingredients such as ambergris, real sandalwood, orris butter, rosewood and jonquil.

Strangelove NYC niche perfumes are provocative, uniquely beautiful scents that are designed to challenge and stimulate the limits of our olfactory horizons. No one who smells a Strangelove NYC fragrance remains unmoved by the experience. A small, New York based niche brand, independent of the constraints found in large, commercially driven multinationals, Strangelove NYC has glamorous connections and a dedication to true luxury based on unrivalled raw materials and unrestrained artististic exploration. This is as high as high perfumery can get.