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Jorum Studio, a Contemporary Scottish Perfume House

Considered, modern perfume crafted with integrity, Jorum Studio has piqued the interest of the niche fragrance world. Rightly so given its ambitious and imaginative approach to developing scents based on a pioneering understanding of the link between body, scent and surroundings.

Small, hand-crafted batches are made slowly and with expertise to meet the expectations of those who want to explore beyond the confines of generic, commercial fragrances. Established in 2010 by Euan McCall and Chloe Mullen under the pseudonym Jorum Laboratories, the creative duo devise each collection as a response to specific stimuli. Based in Edinburgh, the singular ruggedness and beauty of Scotland plays an ever-present role in their perfumes.

Sustainable Scent Manufactory

A dedication to the specificity of place and to the importance of being unique in a market saturated by corporate products have led Euan and Chloe to create scents which speak to discerning contemporary consumers. Each scent comes from somewhere, has its own unique story to tell and provokes in its wearer a feeling of belonging to this narrative. The sheer quality of the materials used cannot help but deepen the all-encompassing sensory experience of Jorum Studio products.

Niche perfumes for the times we live in

Jorum Studio has a beautiful, vintage-inspired aesthetic with a playfully quirky twist. This reflects the brand’s blending of natural Scottish ingredients and aromas with a quirky design to form a sort of avant-garde traditionalism. The past has never felt so now: dark greens, tartans, classic fonts and a hint of the curiosity cabinet place Jorum Studio somewhere on the spectrum between olde worlde apothecary and trailblazing hipsterdom.

Scots pines, herbal tinctures, wafts of Highland heather and lumberjacks in musky kilts are some of the images which come to mind when experiencing Jorum Studio in a jovial interplay of expectation and surprise.

Fragrances inspired by the natural world

Jorum Studio approaches perfumery from a unique angle, deliving complex yet highly wearable scents. They subtly stand out due to their unique combinations of florals, herbs and animalics. Generously blended with earthen aromas, grounded roots, musks, woods and resins – recreating the magical relationship between humankind and its place in the natural world.