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Anatole Lebreton: Artisan Perfumery from France

The olfactory adventurers of Anatole Lebreton began in 2013, when perfume collector and connoisseur of perfume history, Anatole Lebreton produced his first fragrance for some friends. From his first foray into the world of fragrance it is easy to see that perfume is a form of sensory communication for the niche perfumer.

‘To me, each perfume is like a poem, a scented emotion, or a fragrant landscape. I want us to feel good in it, able to tell our own stories. It is my hope that my creations inspire dreams and arouse emotions’.

Stepping through the looking glass, Anatole Lebreton made it his goal to follow a unique path in the industry, producing high quality perfumes fashioned from the most exquisite materials available. The hallmarks Anatole Lebreton – refined scents, delicate materials and complete artistic freedom united to tell a story through scent.

A niche perfume brand as unique as the artisan behind it

Anatole Lebreton niche perfumes are sensual compositions characterized by an attention to detail which has earned them a central place among dedicated niche fragrance enthusiasts. They are specifically lauded for their precision balance and the attention to detail in their production methods – linking them to the golden age of vintage perfumery. Each Anatole Lebreton perfume forms its own olfactory universe. From the nostalgic to the fanciful, his perfumes conjure up multiple images in our minds which take us to other worlds, be they in our own pasts or somewhere wholly imaginary.

Lebreton often draws inspiration from personal experience as well as from mythology and from masterpieces in the area of fine art. Scents have played a key part in our development as human beings, therefore the French perfumer also cleverly situates his aromatic creations within a wider social and historical framework. It is clear that Anatole Lebreton Perfumes have in part been conceived as a means to rethink the conventional boundaries of perfumery. This, however, does not change the main aim of this innovative niche perfume house – achieving classically beautiful perfumes.

Independent niche perfumes made the classic way

From his atelier in Provence Verte, Anatole Lebreton crafts his contemporary olfactory formulas with close attention to the traditions of haute parfumerie. His focus on old-school base formulas dense with animalics, natural ingredients and painstaking production methods reflects the slightly ‘off the beaten track’ path he has taken as an independent perfumer. Each creation bears witness to his research on materials and technique, always anchored in classical composition but resolutely oriented towards modernity. Ironically, it is his steadfast loyalty to the French perfume tradition which has made him seem so creatively modern. In direct opposition to fast perfumery and mass market appeal, Anatole Lebreton has produced perfumes to share with friends and dedicated perfumistas – keeping things small, intimate and special.

Niche Perfumes rich in natural ingredients

Since its conception Anatole Lebreton has featured a high concentration of natural ingredients with many of the house’s formulas sharing the 70% naturals to 30% synthetics ratio often found in vintage fragrances. Due to Lebreton’s small batch production methods and his favouring of natural absolutes and essences, his perfumes can subtly vary from batch to batch depending on the availability of the very precious and often rare raw ingredients. The evolving beauty of these formulas give his highly niche perfumes the quality of fine wines.

Lebreton’s foregrounding of natural plant extracts offers his scents characteristic depth and more room to express the true beauty of nature than the overly clean perfumes of the 90s. But Anatole Lebreton lives in the now and in his pursuit of the avant-garde he does not shy away from using synthetics when necessary. His clever use of high quality synthetics are unbeatable when it comes to gaining texture, dimension and narrative depth in his olfactory storytelling.

Sustainable production

Anatole Lebreton fragrances adhere to the tenets of slow perfumery. Olfactory formulas macerate naturally over time and perfume ingredients are sustainably sourced, limiting the environmental impact of his creations. Perfume boxes are made from recycled craft paper and in an effort to pay tribute to the beautiful natural materials used in perfumery, Lebreton plants one tree for every bottle sold.