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Olympic Orchids – Beautiful niche perfumes with a vision

Olympic Orchids fragrances form their own universe, capturing diverse aspects of the natural world as well as humanity’s interventions into the natural world. Olympic Orchids strongly engages with the historical cultural aspects of fragrance creating beautiful olfactive arrangements with timeless appeal for both niche perfume novices and perfume experts alike.

A niche perfume brand with unique olfactory connections

Founded in 2010 by Dr. Ellen Covey, Olympic Orchids Perfumes was the natural outgrowth of Olympic Orchids Inc, Dr. Ellen’s renowned orchid plant nursery. Unsurprisingly, her perfume brand has become one of the most internationally respected niche houses and the recipient of multiple fragrance awards including the prestigious Art and Olfaction award.

Dr. Ellen’s deep understanding of scent is not just linked to her expertise in the floral world, as an undergraduate she studied the neural basis of chemosensory perception (how the brain processes scent and taste) before continuing a career in academia.

Olympic Orchids: the definition of an independent, artisan niche brand

All Olympic Orchids fragrances are designed, formulated, hand-manufactured, bottled, and packaged in-house. Not only does this result in the most original, evocative and superb quality fragrances, but it also eliminates unnecessary costs so that prices remain affordable to the average customer. The motto at Olympic Orchids may be, “extraordinary perfumes for extraordinary people”, but here true beauty does not have to cost an arm and a leg.

An expanding niche perfume house that maintains a personal touch

All Olympic Orchids fragrances are handcrafted from pure essential oils, absolutes, extracts, high-end synthetic fragrance molecules, tinctures of natural materials, or some combination thereof. All are extrait de parfum concentration, varying from 20-30% fragrance concentrate to optimize performance and ensure excellent longevity. When natural oakmoss is used it is the IFRA-compliant low-atranol type.

Olympic Orchids fragrances never contain phthalates, artificial colours, or artificial preservatives, and they are not tested on animals. With the exception of a few that contain natural ambergris or Africa stone (hyraceum), Olympic Orchids fragrances are considered vegan. Some fragrances in the line are 100% free of synthetic musks and some are 100% natural.

Olympic Orchids Perfumes

Despite Dr. Ellen’s scientific background, botanical knowledge and expertise in raw materials, Olympic Orchids is primarily a form of artistic expression for her. Her fragrances are made to give joy. They are sensory experiences that take us on journeys, lift the mood, create beautiful atmospheres. Like life itself, Dr. Ellen and her creations set aside preordained formulas in favour of a life lived imaginatively – and eccentrically – to the full!