Senyokô – Independent Niche Perfume from France

Established in 2016, Senyokô is a Paris-based fragrance house which uniquely combines Japanese elegance and French luxury. The niche perfume brand fuses avant-garde elements from literature, fine arts and music rooted in both Eastern and Western cultures to create rare and exquisite fragrances. At Senyokô, every perfume tells its own story. With a personal approach to haute-parfumerie, the brand develops fragrances that are based on bedtime stories told to the owner as a child. These classic narratives have been reimagined into scent form by innovative niche perfumer, Euan McCall. The trailblazing Scottish nose has made a name for himself thanks to avant-garde formulas using the highest quality raw materials in his highly original scents.

Senyokô Eau de Parfums celebrate the unique qualities of independent parfumerie. The brand also understands the necessity for complete freedom of creative expression to achieve the optimum olfactory results. With a focus set on the future and a sensitivity to the importance of traditional craftsmanship, Senyokô has a purity of vision which makes its perfumes genuinely beautiful.

The Three Colours of Balanced Perfumery

Senyokô’s theme colours are black and white with a striking accent of red that is a deliberate nod to the Asian aesthetics. This timeless combination complements the brand’s aesthetics: refinement and restraint with an unexpected flourish.
Inspired by the “satori no mado” (window of enlightenment) found in Kyoto’s Genko-an Temple, Senyokô applies a perfectly round “shoji” window to the outer sleeve of its fragrances’ packaging. The sleeve serves as a “byobu” (Japanese screen), veiling the alluring inner box drawing, which is partly visible through the “shoji” window on the sleeve. The inner box drawing interacts with the illustration on the window itself. Every panoramic inner box drawing is created by Senyokô’s award-winning illustrator with an average of 160+ hours of production time.

Unique Perfume Cap Designs

Senyokô co-crafts the cap for its fragrance bottles with a leading French luxury stopper manufacturer, using a patent high-density resin that mimics a unique torn-paper texture. Every cap is carefully crafted through a complex molding process in Challes, France to ensure that each perfume cap is an entirely unique piece.

High Quality Juice

Senyokô chooses only the finest raw materials from the fragrance industry and never limits the nose’s budget. The product-focused brand not only prioritizes the quality and uniqueness of its products, but respects the singular vision of its collaborating perfume experts. Senyokô’s supplier list is populated by the world’s most prestigious fragrance manufacturers, and the brand supports the purity and beauty of scent molecules – neither water nor colouring has ever been added to the brand’s niche perfumes.

Core Values

Senyokô participates in the unique PEPR (PARFUMS EXQUIS • PRODIGES RARES) project, that consists of fragrance experts who share humanistic and cultural values. The brand also collaborates with various outstanding niche talents in the world of fine arts and music.