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Light, airy and little bit molecular, ozonic perfumes are the avant-garde choice for lovers of perfume futurism. Sparkling aldehydes and zingy metallics make ozonic niche perfumes easy to wear and effortlessly elegant.

Aldehydes are a central characteristic of Italian avant-garde house, Extrait D’Atelier. The brand’s scents are olfactory recreations of the atmosphere found in varying artisan ateliers. Extrait D’Atelier scents are elegant and sophisticated with the structure of classic Chanel scents given a playful postmodern twist for today’s world. Based on a tailor’s studio, Maître Couturier captures the fresh citrus and lavender scent of haute-couture clothing, while the metallic tang of scissors brings a light modernity. Maître Joaillier sparkles with crisp, clear aldehydes, giving the fragrance the lightheaded ozonic airiness of the open sky. The scent is grounded by glistening violet leaves and an earthy patchouli note reminds us of the manual craftsmanship behind the most translucent treasures. Extrait D’Atelier Maître Chausseur bottles the heady air of a shoemaker’s workshop with the narcotic fumes of leather, turpentine, rubber and glue. Maître Ceramiste is the smell of petrichor in perfume, displaying airy citruses on top of a wet clay base. Just like the best handcrafted ceramics, the scent is a unique work of art yet perfect for everyday use. Maître Jardinier is the fresh herbal fragrance of a gardener at work. Unlike a typical green fragrance, Maître Jardinier is like inhaling the chlorophyll of green leaves evaporated into pure, ozonic energy.

Ever wanted to wear a scent that smelled like the electrified air of the sky before a storm? Mendittorosa’s Sogno Reale does just that thanks to an opening which sparkles with subtle citrus and metallic aldehydes, while a saltiness mimics tense maritime air. A booziness meets the salt like a beach-side margarita. Sogno Reale’s beauty comes from balance. All this dreamlike atmosphere is given substance by creamy florals and the amber base is smooth and cuddly – a luxury escape in a bottle. Another ozonic fragrance by Mendittorosa that takes us on a journey into warm climates is Alfa, an avant-garde ode to the volcano Stromboli off the coast of Sicily. Alfa radiates a mineralic air as hot, metallic lava meets sea and turns to stone. Salt, sun and sand collide to form an abstract, violent beauty.

Daymon is perhaps Mendittorosa’s smoothest fragrance with a musky iris note that seems to be conjured from the ether. Daymon is an homage to the innocence of animals and celebrates the brand’s cruelty free status. Fluffy and soft like the fur of a cuddly animal, Daymon is the intangible soul of a living creature translated into scent.

Rosa Nigra by Filippo Sorcinelli is a conceptual scent which recreates the presence of rose without using any rose absolute. The result is an airy, thornless rendition of the Queen of Florals – a rose so mysterious it seems to be transubstantiated from air itself. London brand Neandertal’s experimental niche perfume, Dark, unites a range of minerals, metals and raw materials used by our prehistoric Neanderthal cousins. Dark, may be dark, but it floats around the body with a weightlessness, lifting us ever upwards towards an atmosphere that feels both ancient and futuristic.