Meo Fusciuni: niche perfumery as perfume poetry

Founded by Sicilian herbal doctor and ethnobotanist Giuseppe Imprezzabile, Meo Fusciuni is an Italian fragrance house which takes niche perfume lovers on uncharted olfactory journeys. Each fragrance is as dense with poetic significance as it is with high quality raw materials sourced throughout the earth’s most fragrant regions. Meo Fusciuni scents are highly personal, particularly among those who seek spiritual and intellectual fulfillment from their choice of perfume, as well as purely sensual pleasure. Meo Fusciuni scents are cerebral works often influenced by the world of art and poetry and remain steadfastly dedicated to Imprezzabile’s artistic vision. Meo Fusciuni niche perfumes often feature scent arrangements which stand out thanks to their celebration of often surprising – sometimes even jarring – scent combinations, successfully creating perfumes which are beautifully addictive.

Independent artisan perfumes

Imprezzabile’s research into the area of ethnobotany has taken him on journeys across the globe, from his native Sicily to Turkey, Morocco and India to explore the world’s vast array of fragrant landscapes. He is particularly interested in understanding how the trees, plants and herbs in a region are used by the people who live there. In places where the agarwood tree grows, India for example, it is invariably treated with almost sacred reverence and is distilled to produce highly powerful and pungent oud. In Morocco, on the other hand, the simple art of tea drinking is elevated to the centrepiece of daily interactions, an entire culture pivoting on the intimate exchange of aromatic leaves infusing hot water. Of central importance to Meo Fusciuni, is understanding that humans the world over have always been deeply connected to flowers and foliage. Nature’s verdant offerings not only provide us with sustenance in the form of nutritional crops, they fill our soul’s quest for meaning on this planet.

Meo Fusciuni: Niche scents and memory

Being of such central importance to daily life, the scents we encounter have an emotional resonance with us. The emotive power of fragrance makes itself known at all of life’s significant steps. Yesterday’s scent is an olfactory memory revealing that we are all nomadic travellers forever removed from that past. Today’s scent is the fleeting perfume of the moment – smell it now mindfully before it too takes its place among all the fragrances which have gone before! Tomorrow will bring the mystic possibilities of scents to come on the sensual adventure of life. Meo Fusciuni Extraits de Parfum play with the multisensory experience of living. They are born of a fusion of scent temporalities, somehow taking us back to a primordial olfactive memory yet remaining beautifully present in the moment. Importantly, Meo Fusciuni’s perfumes also always contain an element of the unknown, just to keep us guessing.

The majority of Meo Fusciuni’s avant-garde niche perfumes are Extraits de Parfum, meaning they contain the highest concentration of fragrance compounds available in the world of perfume. Carefully chosen quality materials combined with a uniquely poetic language make Meo Fusciuni’s inspiring concoctions beloved within the fragrance community. Combining the ancient, the contemporary and the futuristic Meo Fusciuni’s odorous liquids remind us that perfumes are like potions – taking us on a journey that lasts a lifetime.