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Acampora: Olfactory arts since 1974

Born from the creative personality of its founder, Acampora Profumi is a scent house that captures the glamorous side of the Italian way of life. As the charismatic heir to an important family of Neapolitan glove makers, Bruno Acampora was destined to become one of the protagonists of Italian high fashion and opened iconic boutiques such as “Sagan” on Capri. But it was in perfumery that Bruno would leave his most enduring footprint.

Bruno’s love of perfume led him to begin producing high end scents for himself and a few friends. Fulfilling his need for excellence, the endeavour expanded Bruno officially founded his eponymous perfume brand in 1974.

Acampora’s world renowned ‘Musc’ becomes the first example of niche artistic perfumery in Italy, and is widely considered to be a world pioneer in the area of niche fragrances. To this day it still remains an unstoppable commercial success.

Niche perfumes with Italian know-how

The olfactory story of the House of Acampora begins with the first drops of Bruno’s Essenza Pura (pure essence oils, which still occupy an important place in the brand’s fragrance collection today). These are condensed pure perfume oil which are applied directly to the skin and are characterized by intense depth in aroma and powerful longevity.

Bruno’s passion for artisan perfumery never ceased, leading to the creation of a small laboratory in which he began to select the best raw materials from all over the world in the creation of both Eaux and Extraits de Parfum. All Acampora fragrances are still produced using traditional cold extraction techniques.

Like many of the best traditional Italian houses, Acampora has wholeheartedly embraced  modernity, while preserving the craftsmanship and quality of the classic luxury world. Alongside his wife Sonia and his laboratory team, Bruno ensured that the brand would become one of the most enduring forces in the ever changing world of fragrance.

Modern niche perfumery

Tradition and modernity go hand in hand at Acampora. This is reflected in the house’s newest collection, Acampora 54. The range is inspired by New York’s most iconic club, Studio 54, where glamorous celebrities rubbed shoulders with the avant-garde art and intellectual scene. Acampora 54 is not only a perfumed love letter to the same 70s decadence, with its burgeoning disco scene, drugs, alcohol and rampant sex, it has personal connections to the brand too. Bruno Acampora, was a regular at the club. Known for his elegant style and suave dancing, Bruno was even immortalised in a photo series by Andy Warhol.

Among these latest creations, Young Hearts Extrait de Parfum was awarded the prestigious Art & Olfaction Award in Los Angeles as the best perfume in the independent category. A combination of freshness and classicism that encompasses the courage and audacity of a timeless perfume.