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Milano Fragranze: niche perfumes, Milanese style

Think of Milan, and what comes to mind? Effortless style and a certain way of understanding aesthetic beauty that is unrivalled by any other city (except perhaps for Paris). Milano Fragranze is a fascinating new niche perfume brand from Milan which capitalizes on the city’s universal reputation as a place that produces great things. Translating the unique matrix of haute couture, fine art, exquisite architecture, delicious delicacies and elegant inhabitants into olfactive form, Milano Fragranze allows us to have our very own piece of Milan’s magic every day… and for an unbeatable price.

Stylish niche perfumes available for everyone

Milano Fragranze’s charismatic founder, Alessanrdo Brun has previously made a name for himself in the niche perfume world with his brand, Masque Milano. Masque Milano revolutionized Milan’s position within the scene of alternative, artisan fragrancing with exquisite fragrances at eye watering prices. Having learned much about the industry and developing knowledge of how to streamline and optimize production techniques, Alessandro decided to turn his hand to making globally relevant perfumes for unbeatable prices that would be accessible to all niche perfume lovers!

Milano Fragranze has the olfactive ambition and imaginative ability to translate the fabulous scents of Milan into exciting niche perfumes for a wider audience, without compromising on quality and artistic exploration.

Milano Fragranze: fragrances born from a love of Milan

Born and raised in Milan, Alessandro Brun has developed an incredible affection for his home city. Although they say that birth is simply the luck of the draw, Milan has given Alessandro more than just an enviable postcode on his birth cert. The Lombard capital has significantly contributed to the shaping of who he is today. The city has always been a place of inspiration. Not only is it a centre of fashion and glamour, it is an eternal enabler of unbridled creativity and exploration.

Despite the booms and busts of businesses, the fickle world of trends and the detached nature of globalised economies, Milan’s Genius Loci (the spirit of the place) remains unchanged.
It is Milan’s ability to remain relevant, timeless and universally stylish that Milano Fragranze has captured in its collection of niche perfumes.

Just like the city, Milano Fragranze’s niche scents have a beauty that make them world class. Refined fragrances meet elegant packaging to produce a sophisticated product with a birthright to be included in the iconic shops along the Via Napoleone or within the stunning interior of Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II. Yet, just like the city itself, Milano Fragranze is informed by the past, while remaining thoroughly forward looking. When it comes to experimentation, the brand does not hold back. Perfumery, like fashion itself, must never stay still. Milan, captured in a bottle, has finally arrived.

The ‘spirit of the place’ in scent

It was always Allessandro Brun’s wish, not only to display the world renowned aspects of his home, but also to reveal the spirit of the place from those secret locations only the true Milanese know. Milano Fragranze takes us on enchanting olfactory excursions to hidden sights, past statues, walls, canals, cobblestone streets – locals eating in the same place every day, sometimes noticing their surrounding objects, more often than not overlooking them.

Each fragrance in the collection is centred around one place, yet it is telling the story of people. Artisans behind luxury goods, businessmen in suits, the diva at La Scala Opera house all remind us that places get spirit from their inhabitants. What better way to honour the interconnections between people, place and art than through perfumery – allowing us to connect with Milan, its institutions, history and future, and most importantly with ourselves, by exciting the timeless sense that is our ability to smell beauty.