Filippo Sorcinelli: artistic niche perfume from Italy

The nose and creative director behind his eponymous niche perfume house, Filippo Sorcinelli remains an ever elusive personality in the fragrance world. Although his distinctive look combining cutting edge tattoos and long beard with a sense of ascetic minimalism lies somewhere between punk and monk, Filippo Sorcinelli maintains an aura of mystical obscurity. What stands out are his incense heavy, oriental scents set atop luxuriously resiny and balsamic bases. Often focussing on Catholic themes, Sorcinelli fragrances recreate the ambience of churches and other sacred spaces. Even if Sorcinelli’s unforgettable niche perfumes seem to come from a sullenly ecclesiastical place, they most certainly are not the products of a man who has sequestered himself in a cell like perfume studio. The olfactive compositions from the house of Filippo Sorcinelli derive influence from a broad spectrum of influences and are celebratory perfumes – texturally complex, narratively rich and heartwarmingly beautiful.

Niche perfume as high quality art

Filippo Sorcinelli perfumes are a collaboration between various artistic fields. Sorcinelli’s high quality Extraits de Parfum have cemented his UNUM line of perfume as one of the world’s foremost houses for dark, brooding scents which inspire spiritual introspection. Of particular importance, Sorcinelli’s deep, spicy, liturgically inspired incense accords make him a perfume poet with an almost ritualistic bent. The association is no coincidence considering his background. Not only is Filippo Sorcinelli a world class niche perfumer, he is also a classically trained organist, visual artist and highly respected tailor whose very own clothing atelier makes the sacred vestments for the Vatican. His wide-ranging talents and classical Italian reference points are reflected in his meditative scents which borrow inspiration from religious topics as well as Medieval art and architecture, 20th Century photography and even Hollywood films.

Filippo Sorcinelli: the quest for the highest quality perfume materials

Filippo Sorcinelli perfumes stand out thanks to the niche perfumer’s dedication to producing the highest quality scents on the market. All his niche fragrances are Extraits de Parfum, ensuring a high density of perfume compounds which delivers an unrivalled depth and longevity to his sends. His attraction to niche perfumes featuring woods, resins, spices and incense from the orient ensures his olfactive creations take you on journeys, of both the geographical and metaphysical kinds.

Niche perfume meets avant garde design

Sorcinelli’s mysterious creative world combines ancient gothic gloom with cutting edge modernity in one darkly immersive aesthetic. His avant-garde bottle designs are as strikingly individual as his incense heavy fragrances themselves. Dark, moody and strikingly atavistic: Fillipo Sorcinelli niche perfumes are like prehistoric art meets space age design. The iconic wooden caps used in Sorcinelli’s bottles are individually crafted by his brother, a cabinet maker by trade. This often requires scratching, scorching or warping the wood by hand when necessary, depending on the specific aesthetic requirements of the perfume. Other materials used in Sorcinalli’s UNUM collection bottles include concrete, metal, intricate embroidery and even shimmering fabric held in place by a pearl in order to recreate a stunning costume worn by operatic diva Maria Callas. One thing is for sure, every Sorcinelli perfume is a piece of multisensory avant-garde art, which is utterly unique.

Filippo Sorcinelli and LAVS: a papal connection

Sorcinelli’s first olfactory creation for his UNUM line (to this day still his bestseller) is named ‘LAVS’ after his exclusive tailoring boutique. Acronym for ‘Laboratorio Atelier Vesti Sacre’, LAVS has the singular distinction of being the official supplier of sacramental vestments and accessories to the Vatican. Both Pope Benedict and Pope Francis have sported Sorcinelli’s intricate and labour-intensive designs. The latter even wore an elaborate LAVS piece during his 2013 inaugural mass. To top off the ritualistic decadence, all sacramental robes which are sent from the LAVS atelier to the Vatican are sprayed with a heady hit of LAVS Extrait de Parfum in order to boost their air of holy sanctity. So now you know that the Pope wears a scent sufficiently sacred and solemn to equal his flamboyant outfits.