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Aether Arts: a painter of scents, a creator of art in air

Aether Arts is a multi award winning American perfume brand specializing in exceptional perfume oils. The Colorado based house has won the coveted Art and Olfaction Award twice (alongside numerous nominations) since the award’s founding in 2014. Aether Arts’ critical success does not come as a surprise given the artistic credentials of its founder and perfumer, Amber Jobin. For Amber, the process of perfume making has multiple points of intersection with other artistic branches. It is ‘painting with scent’ and ‘making art in the air’.

Aether Arts: artistic crossroads

Surprisingly for such a celebrated nose, being a perfumer is actually Amber’s second career. She has a dual MFA in costume design and worked as a successful costume designer for theatre and film for many years before a burnout encouraged her to embark on a new creative career path.

It so happened that Dawn Spencer Hurwitz and her shop, DSH Perfumes were located in the same town where Amber lived, Boulder, Colorado. After reading an article by Dawn about the beauty of olfaction, Amber discovered the true possibilities of perfume as art – a fact that would change the course of her life.

After completing a number of internships and apprenticeships in this new creative outlet, Amber was able to create the sort of perfumes that she had always longed for but couldn’t find. What’s more, she realized that in perfumery all the creative avenues, the various scholarly paths, all her interests past and present, came together to support her passion for aroma art.

Niche perfumery as a personal art form

At Aether Arts the highest purpose is to create unusual and original niche perfumes that are as unique as you are. You can use these individual pieces of art in so many ways: to express your mood, to trigger or create memories, to enhance your vision of yourself, to connect with others, or to commemorate a special event. Every day is a new opportunity to enrich your life through the beauty of fragrance.

In the days when the mass market sets the tone of commercial products, Aether Arts redefines luxury as that which is personal. Perfume is an intimate, invisible luxury. It is intrinsically connected with the body – it is wearable art that goes where you go. At Aether Arts perfume is also an interpersonal art form; a shared expression between the wearer and all those they come in contact with.

Like all art, niche perfumery is a form of communication. Perfume can tell stories about ourselves in exciting new ways. We react somatically to smells even before we can consciously form a thought about them. This body/mind reaction to scent can be utilized on a subconscious level. A signature perfume can function as a form of armour, or protection, or as a means of drawing people closer. With perfume you can alter your mood and the mood of those around you. You can recall memories in yourself and in others. Perfume is a form of artistic self-expression with multiple applications – a secret weapon to enchant everyday life.

The highest quality ingredients sourced for perfection

At Aether Arts all materials are very carefully vetted. To reach the best possible version of niche perfume art, Amber Jobin invests time and money in sourcing the most rare and exquisite raw materials. This requires a dogged dedication to sampling the same options from many suppliers until the best possible version is found. Quality and purity is always of the utmost importance.

This is particularly true for the fragrance medium of choice at Aether Arts: pure perfume oil. The brand’s fragrance creations come in the form of small, highly concentrated perfume oils. The quality of the oil alone projects the scent, offering unrivalled depth and unadulterated resonance of fragrance. This also means that the ingredients and the arrangement must meet the most exacting standards. The fact that the textured formulas and artfully layered compositions at Aether Arts are unparalleled has not not been lost on the Art and Olfaction Award judges.