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Son Venin: modern niche perfume inspired by Scandinavian heritage

Son Venin is an independent perfume brand headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Inspired by olfactory memories from Scandinavian and continental European heritage, Son Venin creates unisex perfumes that are experimental yet intimate. True to the brand’s Nordic heritage, balance is key and despite the avant-garde approach, Son Venin compositions remain sophisticated and charismatic. No matter how original the perfume, it is always made from the best ingredients. Son Venin’s respectful, discreet and streamlined message allows its beautiful scents to perfectly integrate with modern life.

True to its design DNA, the niche perfume brand values both sensuous experience and visual presentation. The fragrances themselves reflect all that is great about Northern European minimalism: honest and uncluttered aromatic arrangements in equally unfussy packaging. The purity of Son Venin perfumes not only shows a high level of aesthetic confidence, it allows the fragrances to speak for themselves.

Award-winning niche perfumes

Son Venin Posthume won the 2020 Art & Olfaction award in the independent category. The scent successfully balances the brand’s original message of capturing the unspoilt nature of Norway with an experimental perfume arrangement that stands out. The juxtaposition of untamed wilderness and synthetic innovation won the judges over and perfectly highlights the avant-garde possibilities in contemporary perfumery.

Nordic inspiration. French tradition

Honesty, simplicity and confidence are three defining tenets behind Son Venin perfumes. Son Venin formulas are not overcomplicated by superfluous elements. Instead wearers are invited to enjoy the purity of perfume minimalism.

This is not to say that Son Venin perfumes are not complex. The compositions feature ingredients carefully chosen and optimally utilized. In his search for the best ingredients, Son Venin creative director Dag Laska was inevitably drawn to the South of France. It was here in the heartland of classic perfumery, that Laska closely collaborated with some of the world’s finest and most experienced noses.
The resulting fusion of unencumbered Scandinavian modernism and traditional French expertise offered unique perspectives for perfume innovation. And so Son Venin was born.

Contemporary craftsmanship

Son Venin believes in honest craftsmanship with a strong concept. This is reflected in the brand’s paired-back visual presentation. All aspects of Son Venin’s olfactive and aesthetic design reflect the brand’s Scandinavian roots. Every element of the design, from box and bottle, to cap and font, is precisely thought out, with each constituent part forming an essential whole. Hold a bottle in your hands, and it’s hard to argue that Son Venin displays a nordic refinement that is, somehow, unreproducible.