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Rania J: Multi-Dimensional Niche Perfume Creations

A respected perfumer and nose, Rania Jouaneh is an innovator in the niche perfume world, creating modern and sophisticated fragrances with deep roots in the orient. Rania’s passion for fragrances and perfumes originates in her childhood growing up in the Middle East and Africa, where she was surrounded by the aromas of jasmine trees, spice markets, souks and African Bazaars. Rania J scents are steeped in the powerful and sensual aromas associated with the centres of old world perfume production. The thousand year old traditions of harnessing plants, flowers and other organic material for their fragrances are kept very much alive at Rania J today.

Natural aromas remain the core of Rania’s sensual creations. Resins, incense and floral absolutes are central to the Rania J oeuvre, while the brand’s distinctive oud accord has won it a legion of fans thanks to its intense, yet accessible fragrance. At Rania J the goal is to translate ancient production methods and quality ingredients into highly modern, unique, sometimes challenging scents.

Rania J perfumes comply neither to the expectations of industry for an ‘Arabian’ perfume house, nor does it pander to the trends of the vintage perfume boom. Devoid of olfactory gimmicks and gaudy packaging, Rania J perfumes speak for themselves. Rania J’s fragrances are one of a kind, made with beauty and finesse – ensuring they enjoy a timeless following and universal appeal. Rania herself envisages her perfume as a life accessory, the kind one wears every day as jewellery for the skin.

Fragrance: Values, Authenticity & Quality

The raw materials, natural perfume absolutes and essential oils used in Rania J perfumes are selected and harvested directly from producers and distillers who continue to produce using traditional methods. This ensures not only a superior olfactory experience, but also a sustainable future for the fragrance world. Rania J’s expertise and dedication to quality production guarantees exceptional fragrances that result in the perfume reconnecting with its original function: to stimulate the senses, reconnect with nature, the earth and its aromatic treasures.

Respect & Ethics in the Niche Perfume World

All of Rania J’s creation and development processes are guided by humanitarian and environmental values that meet sustainable development criteria. This principle is evidenced by the choice of raw materials, bottles, reduced packaging and recyclable materials at Rania J.
Rania J does not engage in animal testing.