JMP Artisan Perfumes: Niche Fragrances from Poland

JMP Artisan Perfumes is an independent fragrance project by Polish niche perfumer, Jakub Pietrynka. The scent artist has made a name for himself thanks to his dedication to experimental perfumes and fragrances, which rework classic scent compositions. Pietrynka’s fascination with the art of perfumery and his passion for creating minimalistic, classic bottles makes his brand an innovative fragrance house in terms of scent profile and aesthetics. The inspiration for Pietrynka’s fragrances comes from traditional French perfumery, as well as the unspoilt nature of age-old Polish woodlands. A love for unconventional arrangements and unique molecular compositions means that JMP Artisan Perfumes is both playful and fresh.

Independant Perfumes

JMP Artisan Perfumes was born of a reaction against the commercialization that has limited creative expression in the perfume world. The small, independent house focuses on developing aromatic compositions, which can be considered more as art enclosed in a bottle. The brand assumes that fragrances, like works of art, are worth interpreting. Pietrynka therefore explores the interactions between the various fields of artistic creativity. It was this confrontation of perfumery with other types of art which resulted in JMP Artisan Perfumes’ first fragrance line, The Duftart Collection. This beautiful perfume range is enclosed in stylish, minimalist bottles and has been transformed into the medium of painting by Justyna Neyman, creative force behind the duftart trend in Poland.

Creator and Nose of JMP Artisan Perfumes

Having been interested in the physical and emotional power of fragrances since childhood, Pietrynka has made it his life’s goal to discover new and creative ways to live life nose first. The culmination of Pietrynka’s olfactory journey was the establishment of his own niche perfume line that reflects his preferences and passions in life. A master of tourism by profession, Pietrynka’s personal love of hiking and the world of nature has honed his olfactive skills. A useful tool in the perfume world, where the most important thing is the ability to decipher the subtle nuances in a wide and exciting spectrum of aromas, fragrances and scents. As well as the rarified world of haute parfumerie, Pietrynka is a supporter of classic fashion style, a connoisseur of film noir, an avid reader of biographical literature and a passionate enthusiast of rock music.