• 7scents is about making beautiful fragrances part of every day. With more than 1,400 hand selected products from all major branches of the fragrance world, 7scents allows you to choose from a range of olfactory delights that stand out thanks to their unique ingredients, creative compositions and innovative combinations
  • We focus on original products from exclusive artisan brands that have won widespread recognition in their field for the values and quality they represent. From respected niche perfume houses to premium handcrafted body care, from luxury organic cosmetics to exquisite home fragrance accessories, 7scents has it covered. In addition to high quality ingredients and artisanal craftsmanship, we’ve made sure to select manufacturers who place importance on the power of beautiful, elegant design.
  • Our brands are exclusive to us in Hungary. We stock to a large degree, products popular in Mediterranean countries, ensuring that we create our own little slice of warmhearted emotional, perhaps even a touch of Riviera luxury on the banks of the Danube. In addition, we price all our products in line with European distribution prices – we consider it only fair to make premium quality available at a reasonable price. Luxury pampering for all!
  • We do not know the concept of stock shortage. We ensure to have all products in stock at all times so we can pack them and send them to you right away. We send your order in a maximum of two days, your package can be with you the next working day.


  • We think in collections: if you like a product of a particular brand or a special fragrance, you have the opportunity to try it in several versions. Scents come in a variety of products, and you can choose from a number of scents from a single product – just like with manufacturers.


  • Not only are the brands we sell unique to Hungary, but also some of the product categories too. If you want to experience the ancient beauty effects of Aleppo soap, the traditional, olive oil based moisturization of Marseille soap, or the home fragrancing wonders that are perfumed matches and amber fragrance crystals – you’ve come to the right place.
  • We thank you for choosing us with a gift: if you spend over HUF 25,000 in our webshop, you can choose a gift product when finalizing your purchase, according to the current offer.
  • We know that it takes courage to buy a hitherto unknown perfume online. That’s why we send a sample with blind buys so you can discover the scent without fear of making the wrong choice. If you don’t like the product, send us back the unopened product within 60 days and we’ll refund you the full purchase amount!
  • You are not alone when shopping! We’re available for you from Monday to Friday by phone and email, as well as through Facebook messenger. If you have any questions about the products, delivery or payment, please feel free to contact us.
  • Our work is our passion. At 7scents we help you discover how rich and varied the world of scents is. With the help of fragrances, we can travel to both distant lands and to the innermost part of our very own souls. It’s our mission to constantly discover new fragrances and expand our product range – enabling our customers to keep updated on the best niche perfumes and olfactive delights on offer. Our intimate knowledge of every one of our products and the close connection we build with customers enable us to give personal advice and recommendations for a tailor-made experience.
  • We love to provide inspiration. That’s why we created our blog, where you can regularly read updates on individual products, brands and collections. Here we also explore the history of perfume ingredients and production methods… everything that may be interesting for you in the world of fragrances.